Maron Bouillie Paris

A Taste of Provence

Colorful walks and flavors of the south with bags, cases and clutch bags!

This summer Maron Bouillie samples a taste of Provence. Lavender field, cliffs of ochre, villages of stones, the walks are of all the colors. The red bag is spicy. The red reversible bag is spicy. The blue tote bag is a moment’s silence. The green pencil case is a beautiful discovery. The yellow storage boxe is flowery. The purple backpack is scented with thyme. The white cluth bag is in linen cloth. The multicolored fabric case is a farandole of santons. This collection is the rainbow of tales, the palette of flavors of the south. Offer a ray of sunshine to your home. Give a peaceful moment to your decor, Wear the shade of an olive tree!

Like a Butterfly, I took a winding path from the morning dew to the moonlit night.
Like a Grasshopper, I turned a somersault in Sault.
Like a Spider, I went up the Mont Ventoux.
Like a Ant, I clambered up cliffs of ochre.
Like a Dragonfly, I plunged my feet into a stream, dipped my nose in the water.
Like a Bee, I gathered savours.
Like a Bumblebee, I picked flavours.
Like a Cicada, I sang of colours.
Like a Ladybug,

I filled my cumbersome knapsack with cucumbers, peas, artichokes, half-open shutters, a stroke of sky, a touch of sun, a sleeping cat, linens hung out on a line, a heap of baskets, a set of soaps, bags of spices, a row of pencils, a pile of sheets, a game of petanque, a few hand-painted santons, a moment’s silence, the shadow of an olive tree… But in my bag all my walks got mixed up. So I went in the bathroom and scattered everything on the floor. I poured the colours into bottles lined up on the shelf. I put away the flavours in cotton cases. I spread the savours on terry towels. I hung out the hand towels to dry at the window. I cut out a carpet from a stone path. I sewed linen baskets using circles and stripes and hid the old villages behind stone walls.

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