Maron Bouillie Paris

The Bread

It's the round of bread bags! It's the bread baskets waltz!

Leaving the bakery, you taste with delight in a piece of baguette still lukewarm! You admire with envy the round of loaves! You will love this Maron Bouillie collection. The bread Bags are singular and eco-friendly! The bread Baskets are unusual and convenient. The Bags of pastries are crunchy and essential. These delicious objects are printed on recycled polyester and made in France.

Everyday companion of our lives for millions of years, bread tells our story. Real creative material, both taste and visual, it has not finished surprising us. Every day new breads are born from the expert hands of passionate bakers. 

Mr. Wheat would drink a little water?

Depending on his mood, the bread gets into a ball or baguette. Dressed in lines or squares, he makes his parade. Alternately, complete or brioche it is always ready for dinner. Fondant it is attractive, crunchy it is cute! From countryside he turns into daisy and sunday becomes crown. A true magician, he shines with seeds of sesame or poppies. And in a sleight of hand he becomes fougasse. 

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