Le Pont traversé Bookshop Wall catch-all

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Lover of the old books, this printed wall pouch Livres Le pont traversé is for you. With these singular catch-all, the designer Maron Bouillie walks you through the streets of the past. These fabric pouches decorate your walls with photographs of authentic shops. They are the perfect Paris retro-style souvenir gift. 

Square format, these decoration catch-all cling to each other and are infinitely adjustable. They are made in France in recycled polyester and organic cotton. Convenient and ecological, they are machine washable. Each pouch is provided with two small hooks.


17,00 € tax incl.

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  • Height : 38 cm
  • Length : 29 cm
  • Compositions : 100 % recycled polyester
  • Lining : 100 % organic cotton
  • Color : blue